Innovation Consulting


Creating value by defining,

developing and implementing disrupting new business models.

As well as digital marketing services, selecting

technologies and MVP implementation




Who we are

Aninco is an Innovation Consulting firm helping companies to improve or develop new products or services, Co-creating and / or adapting their business models for the next new digital era, achieving a real positive impact on society, improving operations, customer experience and obtaining new revenues solving their pain points and needs.

What we do

We offer E2E solutions to companies for innovation. Focusing on the customer experience, we create value by defining, developing and implementing disrupting new business models, as well as digital marketing services, technologies selection and implementation in collaboration with our partners and suppliers, combining different proven methodologies, such as Lean Startup, Design Thinking and Agile (Scrum).

Our Proposition

Our offering lays on 4 fundamental pillars, co-creation of new business models for new revenue streams, proven methodology for innovation, digital marketing for creating new customer experiences and experimentation and new technologies to support improvements and/or new digital business models.

Business Strategy

Digital Marketing

IT & Architecture

Cultural Change / People / Methodology

How we do it

Key Activities


Innovation opportunities analysis and their transformation into actionable initiatives

Business Strategy

  • Customised business models Co-creation
  • Actionable recommendations
  • Services and products improvements

Continuous and / or disruptive Innovation

  • New ways to innovate or transform businesses
  • New innovation capabilities / skills
  • Culture change / People / Methodologies
  • New technology usage


Helping our clients to incorporate innovation into everyday life with continuous innovation or transforming their organization thru methodology and cultural change for innovation



Continuous Innovation

  • Innovation / product departments cost reduction
  • Time to market reduction for digital products and services
  • Operations efficiency
  • Intrapreneurship

Transformation and Improvements

  • Helping with cultural change
  • Adding skills to company’s employees
  • New ways of working
  • Customer experence improvements


Empowering innovation by co-creating and developing new business models for new revenues streams, MVP creation along with the latest technologies available

Business Strategy

  • Digital Business Strategy
  • New business models, new services / products
  • Intrapreneurship

IT & Architecture

  • New Technologies for innovation
  • Partnerships

Digital Marketing

  • Customer Journeys focused
  • Rapid experimentation, MVP’s

Cultural Change / People / Methodology

  • Cultural Change management
  • New digital capabilities


Following the necessary steps along with our clients to help them grow and scale their business up. Alliances and financing, H2020




Growth Hacking

  • New techniques available for growth
  • Creative Marketing


  • Alliances / Partnerships / Ecosystems
  • Scalable business models
  • Financing, H2020, etc.


Everything you need for making a difference

We believe that innovation is the future and we build ad-hoc solutions along with our clients, the possibilities are endless.

We combine digital business strategy, digital marketing and technology, working with multidisciplinary teams for the success of the innovation initiatives, along with our partners and suppliers.

Take a step forward with our solutions for innovation and stay ahead in this new digital age.


Continuous Innovation

  • Improvement projects for existing products / services with existing segmentation and business model
  • Up to 12 weeks
  • 2-4 multidisciplinary people teams full-time
  • In-house and hybrid teams on-site

Disruptive Innovation

  • Strategic projects for new business models, new products / services and new segments
  • 3 months for validation plus 6 months for MVP implementation
  • 3-5 multidisciplinary people teams full-time
  • Teams working on-site

Carlos Ansareo


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If you wish to learn more about our solutions please contact us, we will be pleased to put ourselves in your shoes.

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